Sunday, 7 September 2008

Going batty for bats.

No pictures for this safari report - far too dark last night for the camera.
The safari helped our local bat expert with his event in Stanley Park, Blackpool. The weather again wasn't too promising, it was very windy. But the wind was warm and the showers held off. The bat man had been down to his favourite viewing area by the bridges over the lake and seen a few clusters of midges before starting his presentation.
So after the slide show we set off with bat detectors set to 45 kHz and within a few minutes had registered our first contact only a few yards from the Visitor Centre. More hits were heard as we made our way to the bridge and once Over the water in the shelter between the trees it was bat city! The detectors were going crazy.
Looking up towards a brighter patch of sky between the tree tops we had a remarkable aerial show from several bats. All of them were Pipistrelles. Then returning to the car park in the lee of the cafe building we had our best contact of the evening. Looking through the light from the cafe we could see another bat this time only a foot or so above our heads - it came back for a couple of passes - brilliant.
Everyone went home happy. One young girl said..."I like bats now. I'm not frightened of them anymore" Excellent news no one needs to be frightened of bats it's a shame Hollywood gives such endearing creatures a bad reputation.
Where to next? Somewhere good that's for sure.
In the meantime let us know what you have found in your outback!

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babooshka said...

My outback is lacking in evertything.
Hardly any butterflies or bees compared to last year. Still no seals to report form Ramsey. A for bats lovely creatures, it's the human wildlife that's the menace.