Sunday, 13 March 2011

X marks the spot

The Safari took Frank out on Patch 1 this evening and spotted a few of these alien space-craft landing spots, or more probably someone has been down the road marking up for more tree planting - let's hope so.

Here's one they plonked in the verge earlier - we've still not yet seen anything land in it.
Looking up the hill, against a very fierce sunset over the brow of the hill - could hardly see a thing and the drivers were really struggling.
Further round the corner this huge Ash tree hosts a large colony of King Alfred's Buns fungus. The tree is now in a garden and has been excessively pruned, which has probably been the cause of the infection, it used to be in part of the park and was probably a majestic specimen.

On the grassy area nearby some works left a pile of spoil which killed the grass and allowed a selection of 'weeds' to establish themselves including this tiny Red Dead Nettle, next to a seedling real Nettle. Both will succumb to the lawn-mower before too long, we heard the first and smelt the fresh cut grass for the first time this arvo. Why on earth do you need a noisy power mower when your lawn is only 20 feet square?
Whilst sitting quietly in the garden at Base Camp we started to see the Starlings going to roost as the sun dropped below the horizon, much smaller flocks in the evening than at dawn when they all head out together. Plenty of ?Winter Gnats bumbling about over of the pond too.

Where to next? Took the torch out once it had gone dark and got a couple of pics of a pair of Frogs, show you on the amphib blog tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who's cutting the grass in your outback.

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cliff said...

Good to see they've put anti-scroat protection around those trees, they'll look terrific when they go onto mature.
Re the King Alfred's Cakes/Buns, I pointed some out to the missus & she said "Tell him he's burnt them!"