Thursday, 8 January 2015

Little time for much at all

The Safari's attempts at wildlifing have been seriously compromised by the weather, the tide and work.
High tides in the middle of the day combined with heavy rain at times and strong winds have meant that our regular watch point on the wall has been a wash out this week.
This morning we did manage a few minutes at low tide. Not a great deal to report, the sea was very quiet but the beach held about 100 Oystercatchers, a handful of Redshanks (P2 #15) and 13 Sanderlings (77, P2 14).
A trip in to the town centre for a meeting had us looking out of the top floor window while we were waiting for the facilitator to arrive gave us a couple of Pied Wagtails (78) flitting over the roof tops and really good flight views of the gulls as they wheeled around the buildings at or below eye-level - good job we don't work there probably wouldn't get much done!
Gives a little flavour of how wet we could get if we were foolish enough to stand in the wrong just about anywhere really!
Where to nest? Could be a tad windy tomorrow but the visibility could be better over the sea so here's hoping for a wind-blown something or other. 
In the meantime let us know who's getting wet in your outback.

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Dean Stables said...

Very very windy here in Yorks today (Friday), Dave. Must be even worse on the West coast, where you are.