Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A surprise trip to South Wales

The Safari hasn't been able to get out to find anything for you today but fortunately our Extreme Photographer has sent some pics over in recent days about his new place in the country. It's a small cottage set in a farmyard out in the sticks and it has a fairly large pond. He tells us the pond has been the subject of intensive study by a local prominent entomologist and apparently is full to busting with dragonflies. Roll on summer, that's what we say!
It needs a bit of work as there is an invasive garden centre weed in there that's swamping the native plants, he'll do some raking out as time permits.
He's put up a feeding station that's attracting a good variety of birds already. He asks you excuse the pics as they are taken through still dirty windows - if time permits a hide will be built outside.
The Jackdaws are a greedy pain now they've learned how to attack the feeders and are costing him a fortune in seed.
He had a short trip out on Sunday before the weather closed in. He was looking for a Great Grey Shrike which wasn't there but he did find some interesting boxes, for Dormice...we've never seen one of those anywhere ever.
We hope you enjoyed the trip down to Pembrokeshire, we sure we'll be back there before to long with all manner of invertebrate and other non-avian news for you.
Where to next? News broke today of a super little thing that as far as we're aware is the first for the local and perhaps wider area, deffo worth a look in the morning but what do you think it might be.
In the meantime let us know who's been stuffing their face on your hared earned in your outback.


cliff said...

That looks an excellent location, I'm very envious. Likewise of the Blue tit photo which is mint!

Rafael Lopato said...
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Rafael Lopato said...

Cheers Cliff
You're always welcome to visit when I'm all settled mate.

Raf aroo said...

Thanks Dave, For some reason when looking at ones own pics on your site they always look so much better.