Monday, 29 June 2015

Pretty in pink and a lot of jelly

The Safari has been outside almost all day today. First of all with couple of Young Uns in the work's garden and then on the beach with one of the Young Uns and a gang of school children
In the garden we found a few moths while we attacked a small patch of old nettles, no caterpillars this year but any new growth from the roots may attract second generation butterflies. There were singles of Yellow Shell and Small Magpie but several Cinnabars which have been laying their eggs on the Ragwort and they have recent;y hatched so not yet got the signature black and yellow jumpers.
A rather fortunate spot low down at the edge of the patch of Fox and Cubs was a tiny flower of the extremely rare Deptford Pink...Always a relief to see it each year. 
Over on the beach in the afternoon the kids had a great time exploring the rockpools in the warm sunshine. When we were young we seem to remember the oldies saying a very good summer's day was 70C (21C) it was that today and it didn't feel overly hot. 75F (24C) was almost unheard of, it's likely to be close to that tomorrow and 80F (27C) just didn't happen or might have done once, it won't quite make that on Wednesday.

Juvenile flatfish, Sole?

Octopus aka Barrel Jellyfish - a small one

A big one wouldn't fit in this tub, nearly as big as a black bin bag!

Common Prawn with a juvenile Sandeel

Common Prawn with a Brown Shrimp

Common Prawn with a Sandeel

Sandeel and Brown Shrimp


Small Spotted Catshark mermaid's purse
Where to next? More exploration of the work's garden and another evening with the Brownies on the beach
In the meantime let us know who's wobbling like jelly around your outback.

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Ian Doyle said...

Super post, fabulous photos and awesome finds.