Saturday, 1 August 2015

Yow - that's a big chopper

The Safari was out on Patch 2 for the penultimate National Whale and Dolphin Watch. The wind had picked up and swung round coming onshore chopping the sea up again - it's been a nightmare this week apparently one of the windiest NWDW weeks of all. But we were hopeful that the Bottlenosed Dolphins seen not far up the coast yesterday might just come by.
It wasn't the best of days, the rain started after about half an hour just as it was starting to get busy and people wandering past came down for a chat, the rain put a stop to that for about an hour. There was nothing out at sea either it was pretty much devoid of life.
The rain stopped and the people reappeared. It was like the United Nations behind us, every next group of sightseers was speaking a different language to the last. Lunchtime came and we dipped into our taste and texture sensation salt n vinegar Smith's Chipstricks,. On the bench to our left a large Asian family arrived and set up the biggest picnic we've ever seen,  it seemed to be spread over half an acre! No idea what they were having but there were pots and tubs of all manner of homemade goodies, the aromas wafting our way were heady and mouth-wateringly exotic.
They enjoyed their meal packed it all away and moved off up town to be replaced by a Hells Angelly looking lad on a homemade chopper...not powered by a 1500cc Harley engine but by pedal power. He sat on the bench and folk came by and chatted to him then us. After a while the reason he was there became obvious as,other folk turned up but on 'traditional' 1970's Chopper and Chipper bikes and other similar machines - a convention/rally was on and we were at the meeting point.
Some of the machines were very unusual, only by the fact we've never seen owt like them before, they had front AND rear wheel steering. The looked just the job for a quick trip to A & E.
We continued to look for anything out to sea without success. Until a few gulls happened upon a small fish shoal, from nowhere a juvenile Gannet appeared then a couple of adult Kittiwakes but the action was never what you might describe as hectic and the Gannet soon moved away. And that was the end of the session's action.
By the time we'd finished we hadn't even seen a Grey Seal - must be one of the few occasions we've stood there that long and not come across a Grey Seal, certainly not at this time of year. The only blubber we saw in the water were a mid-aged couple having a swim - coo bet that was chilly!
Where to next? Better luck from Chat Alley we hope.
In the meantime let us know who's chopping what in your outback.

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