Saturday, 12 September 2015

After the rain

The Safari was supposed to be up n at em early this morning but we have to admit we overslept. By the time we were up n about the heavy overnight rain had stopped and we had to take Wifey's motor to the garage for a new set of brakes. The garage is near Chat Alley so once the car was dropped off we had a walk along the cliffs to see if the rain and easterly winds had dropped anything of note. 
The Herring Gulls were sat on cliffs as ever when the tide is in, waiting for their morning handouts. They eyed up everyone who passed by almost appearing to give them a score out of 10 for likelihood of providing food - needless to say they probably gave us a big fat zero.
We kept seeing Pied Wagtails all along our walk, not sure how many but at least 10 and maybe as many as 15, some certainly passed us after being counted but we could have missed some too.
Down on the old boating pool wall the Redshanks and Turnstones came in to roost over the high tide.One of them was ringed but without the scope we were never going to be able to read it. We also saw a flagged bird but failed to relocate it when we got close enough for a pic - it could be one of those with its leg tucked up.

Further down the wall we came across a couple more flighty groups of Turnstones, this particular flock were finding rich pickings along a short stretch of tide.

Up on the steep grassland behind us a couple of very flitty Wheatears bobbed about feeding in the shortest areas of turf and dropping down on to the rocks for a look-see every so often.
It was a bit dull and murky out there.
A single Grey Wagtail and a couple of Meadow Pipits were best of the rest, the wagtail most likely a local breeder. 
A Grey Seal in the distance had us walking further than we had anticipated. On the way we noticed there was too much litter floating in the sea, there were several plastic bags like thisone.
Only a few feet away was a similar sized Barrel Jellyfish.
Imagine you're a Leatherback Turtle evolved to be a jellyfish swarm eating machine - how well are they going to be able to tell the difference? And here the jellyfish were well outnumbered by floating pieces of plastic
The seal was drifting on the tide but we did eventually catch up with it.
Wandering back in the pouring rain with the wind now in our face a group of Swallows appeared whizzing up and down the cliff face and with them was a Sand Martin, a new species for us at Chat Alley, could do with one at Patch 2.
The gulls were still eyeing up the passers-by.
The last bird we noted was a stray racing pigeon with an orange ring. No doubt some far flung pigeon fancier will be blaming Sparrowhawks, Peregrines and any other hooky beaked piece of evil for it's demise - no mate it's just having a holiday with masses of free food in sunny Blackpool.
Where to next? Work tomorrow - yes we know it's Sunday but little chance of a look at Patch 2 - gonna be busy busy busy!
In the meantime let us know who dropped in in the rain in your outback.

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cliff said...

I'm loving the Seal & the Jellyfish, shame about the placcy bags - sadly we seem to be a nation of litterlouts, plastic bags discarded by scum bags!