Friday, 30 October 2015

Work was the plaice to be today

The Safari wasn't over-enamoured by the heavy rain early this morning but it abated after an hour or so and we were able to sneak out for a few minutes. The sea was terribly murky and the visibility was totally dreadful. We did manage to find a Red Throated Diver and a Great Crested Grebe among the not so numerous as recently Common Scoters. Something made us wander round the garden as well and that's when we found two Song Thrushes (P2 #69) under one of the Tamarisk shrubberies, we think that's a site record! A Wren was in the garden too.
Late morning was when the main event happened, the marine biology students arrived with their touch tank for the public to get up close and personal with our superb watery wildlife. They had dry specimens as well as live exhibits including Common Prawns, Hermit Crabs, a Sand Goby and these chaps.
Coral - not from round these parts!
A hungry Beadlet Anemone with its mouth open waiting for some grub
7-Armed Starfish - collected by the students in Scotland, not found along our coast - we've never seen this species before

Can you see it?
A master of camouflage!
Grumpy the Green Shore Crab...he had to be kept in a tank on his own otherwise he'd have eaten everything
It's all out there, just get your wellies on check the tides and get looking.
Where to next? Weekend so anything could happen...and we have a bit of a plan that may or may not come off.
In the meantime let us know who's wearing the camouflage suit in your outback.

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