Thursday, 7 January 2016

Ticking over nicely

The Safari has been able to get over onto Patch 2 for a few minutes early morning and at lunchtimes. Not a huge lot to report, we've heard a Robin (garden #10) singing in the darkness when leaving for work and one at work too (P2 #24). The sea has been either flat calm or very stormy. Yesterday in gloomy conditions we had what looked like it could well have been a Black Throated Diver but it was too far out to be anything like sure, we called to get FB with his far superior scope (rather than our 200 quid Chinese junk we use at the office) on to it once back in the office but by the time he was able to get out the tide had dropped and the sun come up making 'a diver' very distant and out in the haze...he did have a couple of Guillemots that we've not seen out there yet.
Today's offerings included a flyby of 10 Teal (P2 #25) and then half a a dozen Kittiwakes (64, P2 #26), probably more as we could see smallish gulls well out in the rough but far to far to be able to ID. There were a few Red Throated Divers on the move today but no sign of anything bigger in the diver-line.
Nowt else to report but that doesn't mean it's not been good to get out and have a look, we even had some sunshine for a while yesterday.
Where to next? More of the same tomorrow but what will the overnight wind have blown in for us to find?
In the meantime let us know who's flying by in your outback.

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