Friday, 17 June 2016

Bits from Base Camp and lots from Pembrokeshire

The Safari has been plagued by heavy thundery rain showers for a couple of days, so much so that it's been too dull to get many pics.
And we've had slight interruptions to wildlife watching due to the footy.
We did get one dry night and were able to put the moth trap out although could only use the 'little' lamp. Only 14 moths of 12 species were in the trap in the morning.
Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix
Diamondback moth
Marbled Beauty
Marbled Orchard Tortrix
A couple of Caddis Flies and a small 'Front Swimming' Water Boatman were also in the trap.
The birds have been fairly quiet, the male House Sparrow being noticeably absent in the back garden now but we;re continuing to hear the cheery cheeps from the street, the ringed male Greenfinch and juvenile Starling keep appearing from time to time but refuse to show their rings to the camera (can you say that!).
Yesterday we had a not so well grown fledgling Great Tit with an adult and later a couple of very young fledgling Blue Tits came into the garden but not onto the feeders. A new juvenile Greenfinch was being fed from the feeder though.
ISO stupid through dirty kitchen window
Luckily for you our Extreme Photographer has been able to get out n about around some of his local sites looking for rare and exotic invertebrates and he's come across some beauts. Don't ask us where he's been as we can neither pronounce nor spell any of the places he visits, apart from St Davids.
Banded Demoiselle
Fly killed by fungus
Ruby Tailed Wasp
Scarce Blue Tailed Damselfly
Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary
Small Red Damselfly
Hypera sp Weevil larva in its case
Zebra Spider with prey
Where to next? We're into our last week off work so will be continuing to keep an eye on the garden and maybe try some driving a little further a permitting .
In the meantime let us know who's extreme in your outback.

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