Monday, 26 September 2016

It was sheer purgatory

The Safari is back from two weeks sunny Sardinia. Good grief it was hard work doing all that relaxing in the sunshine.
We went out before breakfast...which also happened to be before sun rise so it was still quite darkish, well quite darkish for pics at least. Part of our walk was taken up sea-watching, this was a real chore, normally we have to stand at Patch 2 here we had recliners to set the scope up at! Really roughing it, but there's nowt wrong with a flock of Scopoli's Shearwaters of a shoal of Tuna before breakfast.
The wildlife Sardinia is surely most famous for is the Sardinian Warbler...they were everywhere, at least a dozen in every bush, in fact there were hardly any other warblers seen during our stay, but can you get a pic of the skulky little blighters!!! We just about succeeded on our penultimate day, sooooo frustrating!
Almost as numerous were the lizards, which we think are Tyrranean Wall Lizards. Lots of them about but being warm scuttled off in to deep cover as soon as anything got within 20 yards of them.
While we were away we had a couple of stealth cams set up in the garden at Base Camp and reviewing the pics they had taken once we got home were very pleased to find this little chap had been visiting on a few occasions.
Where to next? We'll tell your more of our Mediterranean adventures tomorrow when we've sorted out a few more holiday snaps for you.
In the meantime let us know who's playing hide and seek in your outback.

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