Monday, 26 December 2016

A new year and a different challenge beckon

The Safari has been informed that this coming year's challenge with Monika is going to be a little different this time round.
Her Pops has come up with the idea of the challenge to photograph as many species as possible. Identifiable of course not a couple of blurry pixels. That's going to make for an interesting year, and some interesting photo from us, each species can only be added to the list once, that'll be OK for common species no need to submit until the 'perfect' pic comes round but those scarcer or harder to get species may mean a fair few 'record' shots - gotta be identifiable though! I feel some hard work coming on but it's bound to be fun and we'll find lots of other fascinating wildlife too.
But there's still a few days of this year left yet and after a week of family duties and puppy duties
The boy's getting bigger!
we hope to back out on the trail of some wildlife tomorrow and we've our eye on the local Peregrine. It's been visible from our bathroom window most of the holiday, hopefully it'll be still there in the morning and the sun will be shining on it for a change too - bring on the big lens!
Where to next? After the Peregrine we may well have a couple of hours at the nature reserve.
In the meantime let us know who's getting bigger in your outback.


cliff said...

I'll try & get to the reserve today too, what time are you heading out?

Is your new photo challenge just birds? I'll look forward to seeing your pics.

Stuart Price said...

Good luck, you can get well over 100 bird shots I'm sure..........

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Stu - Wow 100, that seems a big target but we'll give it a go



Monika said...

I was wondering what our target should be for number of species! My dad wants to photograph 80% of what his usual year list would be - a lofty goal, but potentially do-able if you just eliminate the birds identified by voice or quick glimpses. I was also wondering if I should hold out for a good picture of common species, or replace poor pictures with better pictures as the year goes on, or just take the best photograph from the first time photographing a species for the many new twists to consider! :)