Saturday, 5 January 2019

Plenty going on but not this - - - yet

The Safari has been busy out on safari but haven't had time for an up date for you in the last couple of weeks - holidays n family stuff n all that.
We saw a couple of these tufty beauts in Chorley on the last day of last year.
Really gloomy so rediculously high ISO but what the heck they're so entertaining who cares about the light (or lack of it).
A supporting cast of thrushes were feasting on the berries too.
Wouldn't face the front!
We ended the year with a bird species list of 195 (with several bad dips) of which we managed to photograph 179 of them for our Photo Year List Challenge, a 'strike rate' of 91.8% - we're very happy with that.

Meanwhile while Waxwings are nice and exotic they're not 'proper birds' like this one

Which we are eagerly awaiting...will it turn up again this winter -- we really hope so andd SOOOOONNNNN!!!!!

Where to next? Well the Photo Year List Challenge has entered its third year so we can let you know how we're got on in the first few very gloomy days of 2018

In the meantime let us know who's got the tuftiest hair-do in your outback.

PS we're thinking of doing some YouTube safaris, hope you'll join us on them.

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