Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Winter's here but where is all the wildlife?

A cold, cold start for the safari today. The ice crystals on the bonnet (hood) and windscreen almost look like someone has been up all night producing a superb leafy paint effect.

Overnight there had been hail rattling on the windows at Base camp but once down the hill and looking over the bay it was obvious that many places had had a fall of snow. This is the Coniston Range of the Lake District looking north from the Promenade. The Welsh hills to the south were similarly snow covered but unphotographable due to the sun, haze and extra distance.

A very quick scan of the rising tide at lunch time revealed very little. Just a few Gulls and small flocks of very distant Common Scoters out on the horizon.

Where to next? The time is nigh for a trip to see the Waxwings. Hope they haven't munched all the berries and moved on.

In the meantime what have you seen in your frozen waste or tropical paradise? Let us know.

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