Saturday, 11 April 2009

I really like gulls

No pictures today - sorry, still having technical difficulties, and it's a beautiful day but I have to stop into take delivery of a new fridge, but have also concreted the hole in the back garden at what is the relevance of liking gulls.
As I said it's a beautiful day and that means raptors are likely to be on the move. Just across the way there are about 100 pairs of gulls nesting on the depot roof and another 100 or so roosting and generally loafing about on the roofs of the offices up the road. That's alot of eyes looking up! And they don't miss much. If it has 'fingered' wingtips they all start yelling...nice one - grab the bins and start scanning the brilliant blue ether. So far today they have prevented an attack on Base Camp's fish pond by a (Grey) Heron, and found a Buzzard soaring up high being mobbed by a male Sparrowhawk and another large female Sparrowhawk which I couldn't turn into a Goshawk unfortunately. An Osprey next please guys.
Where to next? Another pich black midnight foray after newts - we've got another couple of ponds we've not surveyed before to check out. Anyone else noticed there seems to be few Toads around this sesason?
In the meantime let us know what is passing over your head in your outback.

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