Thursday, 28 May 2009

Extreme weekend

Some of Raf's Extreme Images from the weekend's safari.
We told you in the last post Broad Bodied Chasers were emerging all over the place!

Two on one Flag Iris stem is just too much. Note the wings in different stages of pumped-up-ness.

The lower one was asking to be gently handled.

This is the one the paparazzi were homing in on. Well we had to join in didn't we.

Mating Wall Browns.

Mating Robber Flies, Raf thinks they're Scorpion Flies...he could well be right.

La piece de la resistance....absolute stonker!!!!! You should see the full 8MB version of this...oh joy!!!!

Where to next? The safari still has something up its sleeve for the weekend.
In the meantime let us know what is out there in your outback that can be classed as stonkingly brilliant

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

some great pics there! Are they all females or are some, immature males?