Thursday, 21 May 2009

That's cheating!!

As I'm sure you are aware the safari has been going up to a local Otter 'hotspot' a few times recently. So far without success. whilst we were there the last time my brother (not the marathon runner, another one) phoned base Camp for a natter. He was told I was out Otter spotting to which he replied "oh, I saw one the other daywhen I was out with the children feeding the ducks at the river. I even managed to get a picture of it on my phone!"
The lucky swine!!! and here is said photo of the Otter skulking past doing its best to avoid having half a loaf of bread thrown at it.

If only the safari could get pics like why don't we go round to my brother's and do a stake out along his stretch of riverbank? Sadly it's not that easy as he lives over the sea and far away in Ireland.
Where to next? Tomorrow (22nd May) is International Biologcal Diversity Day and this years theme is Alien Invaders. There are plenty of them around here causing mischief; so expect a rant.
In the meantime let us know who has been out and about in your outback stealing your thunder.
PS The following day, 23rd May, is World Turtle Day and as there have been a couple of recentish records along our coast I'll write a short blurb about them.
AND don't forget, as if you needed reminding, Be Nice to Nettles Week ends on 24th...again something suitable stinging might be winging its way to you on Sunday.
Bye for now.

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