Sunday, 16 August 2009

Grotty weather = short safari

Grotty weather indeed! Cool, windy and with a high probability of rain so the safari decided not to travel far, just a short walk.
Short but rewarding.
We soon came across this nest of Yellow Meadow Ants.

Continuing the yellow theme there was a large area of Autumn Hawkbit, or is it Hawkweed?
This late Cinnabar moth caterpillar is half yellow but wholly poisonous.Proper poisonous is this Ergot fungus growing in a Timothy head. Ergot poisoning gives the victim hallcinations, the active chemical is the precursor of LSD, and affects the peripheral circulation so much so that blood vessels are so constricted that gangrene occurs and the digits start to fall off, and then the victim dies. Very unpleasant and formerly fairly common in some areas.Continuing the 'black' and fungus themes we have Tar Spot Fungus on Sycamore leaves. An indicator of clean air.Red Admiral butterflies are more black than red. Don't recall ever having seen one basking high up in a pine tree before.
No theme suitable for the rather boring underside of a Small Copper butterfly. Not particularly numerous at this location and always nice to see. The upperside is much brighter.
Also had a small family party of House Sparrows but the photos didn't come out and a teneral Common Darter which was to alert for us to get anywhere near.
Where to next? A trip further afield if the weather is better.
In the meantime let us know what's just round the corner in your outback

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Warren Baker said...

You'll get some decent weather soon dave.
Enjoy some migrant birds!