Friday, 28 August 2009

A new era

The safari was exempted from early morning dog duties and got breakfast in bed. A trip out to a fine and dandy pie shop led to a brief detour to a local birdinng spot. Not much there, a few Swallows that's all. But even in the dreadful weather a few butterflies were flitting about, several Large White's, a Green Veined White or two, a Small Tortoiseshell and a Red Admiral feeding on the local Buddleia. Seen a few goodies there in the past like Buff Breasted Sand, Glossy Ibis and Common Crane probably pick of the best. The tide was a couple of miles out so nothing within sight. Batteries flat in the big camera but if you want to see it look at Dean's photo, didn't see him lurking in the woods but he got the same pic today as we saw. Frank had a good time and ended up in the mud as usual.At home there was no respite from the weather so no chance of a quick dash out to see if 'owt was about'.

Nothing for it but to knock up something for dinner and wash it down with a bottle of quality plonk which has been lain up in the cupboard under the stairs for a couple of years awaiting this day. A 1994 Chateau Grauad Larose Grand Cru...ooohhhh I say laa-de-dah...15 years old surely its gone off by now...sincerely hope not...hope its improved!

A break in the downpours allowed a quick visit to the patch, where mammalian bizarreness happened. A Fox was walking down the edge of the footy field in broad daylight - never seen one there before, wonder why it was out at that time. Then on the way back we came face to face with a Grey Squirrel hopping about on the path right towards until it spotted us and disappeared into the bushes...weird or what.

Nothing further to report.

Where to next? A sporting safari tomorrow...shhh it's supposed to be a secret.

In the meantime let us know if it is as wet in your outback?

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Warren Baker said...

That weather does look dire Dave! Still, hope you enjoy the vino.