Thursday, 7 January 2010

Expected more…much more.

The safari had a reasonably long look over the sea wall at Patch 2 during lunchtime today. Despite the temperature being still sub-zero (just - but -8 at 07.00 this morning - very brrrr) the lack of wind meant the sunshine felt mighty warm and pleasant. Extremely disappointing all the same. Perfect visibility to west and north at least – to sunny looking south – but there was absolutely nowt about. A lone Cormorant and a few very, very distant Common Scoters flying on the horizon was the lot. The beach below the wall was a bit brighter with 26 Sanderlings zootling around on the sandbank in front of the fast in-coming tide and the grand total of four Black Headed Gulls…big wow! We were expecting so much more! Where are the Grey Seals, Porpoises, Eiders, Red Throated Divers, auks, etc, etc …
Where to next? Surely even in the pitch dark Patch 1 can produce more than that this evening?
In the meantime let us know if your outback has packed up producing the goods.
Sorry for the lack of pics but there was nothing that took the safari’s eye today…getting bored with snow and its all gone slushy or been walked on now. Certainly no wildlife within range to point the camera at!
Late news - it was a shattered wheel bearing on the Land Rover and it was expensive - more than I thought/hoped!

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Warren Baker said...

This snowy weather is really quietened things down Dave. Still, when it all thaws, things will be on the move again....hopefully!