Friday, 29 January 2010

Vague ramblings on no theme at all

The safari today has been sat at the puter typing minutes - a dire job but someone's gotta do it. I really wish I could read my own scrawl.
On the way home from said minutes the Starling flock was throwing incredible shapes over North Pier I scrabbled the camera out of the bag but was thwarted in photographic attempts by the traffic lights stopping us at the most in opportune moments, ie behind signs, fences, buses etc. By the time we got to a more open vista the lights sequence had us constantly on the move and the scary raptor had gone!
From yesterday's trip to the big smoke - aka Liverpool - home of the best football team in the world that will never win anything Everton and the best skyline in the world even including Dubai, Manhattan and Chicago! no new ticks - too dark on the return train journey to see any Grey Partridges or Barn Owls in the fields along side the track so still on 99 for the year.
Had a quick look at the sea wall at lunchtime but freezing cold wind combined with horizontal snow meant it was the quickest five minutes of my life and nothing had to be something good to keep me out there and there was b*gger all. My colleague from the other office had another Harbour Porpoise yesterday (you really can go off some people - sorry S) when we were living it up with government ministers...very disappointed in the nosh provided by a 5* hotel/conference centre though...copious but so poor your daren't have seconds.
Fox on Frank's last walk tonight I saw it he didn't smell it...ner ner ne ner ner!
RSPB's Big Garden Bird watch is tomorrow - large quantities of bread will be thrown on the garage roof, mouldy old sunflower hearts are in the feeder and a couple of soft apples will be on offer for the feathered throngs...not.
For those wanting to see a proper bird I haven't got any new photos but have a look at JD's first pic on this post...a stonker - pure feathered gold even if it is mostly white.
Where to next? Off to buy a new scope for the safari, nothing fancy I haven't traded the Land Rover in but better than none at all.
In the meantime let us know what's big in your garden outback.

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Monika said...

99! That's not too shabby at all. My original lofty goal was 100 for the month but I'm certainly going to fall short. I'm at 84 now....should boost it a little bit with some birding this weekend but I won't catch up to you (yet!)

I hope you find some good ones with the new scope!