Monday, 3 January 2011

In training?

The Safari got a year mammal this morning on Patch 1, the Fox was making its way home down towards the Golden triangle. No sign of the Peregrine this morning.
After a morning around the house but nothing new spotted in the garden we set of for the estuary. as with the other day there was disturbance a-plenty from the local dog-a-razzi who were wandering all over the saltmarsh as usual. Consequently stuff was hard to come by. We got just another eight species for the year list, Golden Plover being pick of the bunch. As the tide receded a large mud bank attracted a fair number of Black Headed Gulls but we couldn't pull a Mediterranean Gull from amongst them.
Total now is 60 for the year.
Frank had a bash at running and jumping...just off the path well away from any birds we hasten to add. D'yer think he's worth a place in next year's Olympic team?

Late news - the Peregrine was back on the ledge when we went out at tea-time; Frank even took his ball again but after few kicks decided he was cream crackered after his afternoon exertions and gave up.
Where to next? back to the dreaded birding stopper, work, tomorrow but it will be our first visit to Patch 2 of 2011 so there should be a few more additions to this year's list.
In the meantime let us know who's training for what in your outback

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Monika said...

You're out to an early lead Dave! I'll have some catching up to do.