Monday, 10 January 2011

So grey we lost inspiration today

The Safari is suffering post MOT depression although the result was positive the waiting was as anxious as ever.
Patch 1 last night gave us an unexpected fly-over in the dark, one or more Golden Plovers. About 65 Magpies were 'counted' roosting in Magpie Wood in the dark this morning.
Patch 1's running total is 24.
At lunchtime we got out for a few minutes before the rain started...a list is all you're getting...sorry
2 Red Throated Divers
c100 Common Scoters
28 Redshanks roosting on wall
6 Cormorants
Distant Great Black Backed Gull
Was that a Kittiwake out there in the gloom?
Tide on the rise so no beach but thousands of gulls and a mass of Oystercatchers beyond our southern boundary.

2 Carrion Crows on back field at work.

Total for Patch 2 now stands at 14

If the pic below will enlarge you will see that for the thirty year average 1981 - 2010 the average monthly mininum daily temperature is no significantly higher than it was in the later half of the last century. Daytime there isn't much difference, perhaps it was even a fraction cooler, except June which was decidely cooler for some reason! All we can say is that for the periods examined the 'noughty' nights were definitely warmer than those in the sixties and seventies.

Where to next? TV programme showing up at work tomorrow so best bib and tucker and probably not a lot of time to give Patch 2 a proper going over.

In the meantime let us know what's about in the heat of the day in your outback.


Phil said...

Dead right Dave, the MOT waiting room is infinitely worse than the dentist or the doctor. I'm pleased you passed OK and the Landy wasn't too bad after all.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Almost as painful on the wallet as the dentist these days away quite likely, phew.