Thursday, 22 December 2011

Three Christmas wishes

The Safari's first Christmas wish came about when we learned of yet more sickening Bird of Prey persecution is still being discovered adding to the RSPB's list of known incidents

If you haven't signed the petition to bring England and Wales in line with Scotland and their recently introduced law of Vicarious Liability we would urge you to do so (UK rsisdents only) - it's easy and only takes a minute or two of your time. If the RSPB has a million members surely the petition can get well over the 100,000 required.

Our second wish is that lots of you dash over to Amazon and download our work of literature onto those new Kindle devices you're children have all asked Santa for. Please help make it a best seller, it won't make the Safari rich but it might go some way to protecting and conserving some very endangered species such as Numbats, Woylies, Chuddichs, Quendas and Red Tailed Black Cockatoos whose world populations number in the low thousands; low hundreds in some cases!
You are more than welcome to nick the pic and put on your Facebook page (other social networking sites are available)...who knows, if we get enough sales we might be tempted to write a sequel...already got the beginnings of an idea featuring a species currently very topical...

Our third wish is that all the safari's readers have a fantastic Christmas/winter solstice festival whatever you call this season in your part of the world. peace and goodwill to you all...even raptor poisoners - let's hope the see the error of their ways...SOON!!!

Where to next? Looks like Wifey will allow us a bit of a safari this arvo so we might be back later - there's that Iceland Gull to be found (why couldn't it have been a Glaucous Gull not had one of those this year?) and the Rangers  just phoned to tell us that they saw the Otter at the nature reserve yesterday.
In the meantime if you haven't already please sign the  petition....there's no time like the present although it would seen the perpetrators are still living in the Victorian past!

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Aussie Glen said...

Well said Dave,
We are there for and with you. A Big Pond ain't gonna get in our Way. Glory to the Authors of such fine works. Can't wait for the Sequel!.