Saturday, 17 December 2011

The weather outside is frightful

The Safari has always had a more than a passing interest in astronomy, beginning of the universe, quantum mechanics (not that we understand any of that!) etc and was interested is this recent observation The thing is we're not sure why they had to look for the black hole in the very centre of the galaxy. We know for a fact it's passed by Base Camp some time this year and swallowed up a variety of objects namely a hoover nozzle, a travel Buddha (including cosy travel case - reckon he's more powerful than St Christopher) and a hand carved nativity scene Baby Jesus (Never noticed Herod's henchmen lurking in the spare room - possibly because there never were any henchmen - well he had henchmen by the hundred but the 'incident' probably never happened). All objects were present and correct this time last year but now are compressed to an infinitesimally small but super massive blob of stuff thousands of light years away - suppose we'll never see em again!
Duff day today didn't get on safari, didn't really get light all day and those showers were best avoided. Tried to go Christmas shopping this arvo but didn't see anything worth wrapping, so much expensive tat and so few affordable items of real quality.
Where to next? Two year birds out of range and 'NO Franks Allowed' to the north and two to the south also 'NO Franks Allowed'; still those elusive Bean Geese out there somewhere...we'll probably end up at the nature reserve for the afternoon tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what the passing black hole swallowed from your outback

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