Friday, 6 April 2012

Back on Patch 1 at last

The Safari tried desperately to get pics of Saturn last night but was singularly unsuccessful - don't think the lens has enough reach for 840 million miles even if the subject is quite big! Much smaller but far nearer and therefore easier to photograph was this celestial body.

The moth trap's lamp couldn't compete with the monstrously bright thing above; emptying it this morning didn't take long with only a single Hebrew Character hiding under the egg boxes.
After breakfast Frank was up for a walk round the park so for the first time this week we had a more or less full Patch 1 walk. Tried and failed to get a pic of the pair of Sparrowhawks skydancing - camera has video you numpty!!!! Duhhhh...Good to see them still around though. Also still around was a Goldcrest, actually a pair were found in the Butterfly Zone...gonna stop to breed? Hope so!
A Coal Tit was briefly seen but bird of the morning, in the form of a Patch 1 tick, was a passing Pied/alba Wagtail (P1 #30)
We blasted away at a couple of subjects in the grotty light.

Frank met some 'friends' he didn't know and scampered round like a puppy for five minutes before it all got too much for  him and a lie down on the cool grass and a pant was needed. He's getting steadily more grey round the chops - a bit like the rest of us!
Good job there's no hosepipe ban here cos we don't fancy a £1000 fine for having to wash away what he left on the garden path this morning; put it this way - if we'd have tried to wrangle it in to a placcy bag we'd have ended up wearing most if it! - do wish he wouldn't pick up 'goodies' when he's out - he can be like an industrial hoover at timers and can swallow half a cold pizza in a blink without even breaking stride...yuk!!!!
Talking of wearing things, we made a warm runny egg butty at lunchtime...messy but lush!!!
After lunch the raptor-finding gulls failed miserably on a cool miserable grey day.
Where to next? Exciting times tomorrow, hopefully.
In the meantime let us know what's dancing in the skies in your outback.

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Christian said...

Can't reach 840 million miles eh? Technology, pah!