Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another quick update from the Antipodes

The Safari has been out n about with the camera. mostly trying to stand still long enough to get the shot without drqawing the attention of these little fellas - when they bite they don't wanna let go...wouldn't like to nod off during the day or worrse fall over n  get concussed - they'd reduce you to the bare bones quicker than a big shoal of Piranhas!
 The drive back from the letter's a bit of a trek...1/4 of an hour round trip! Bit different to walking down the hall from the kitchen and picking the letters off the doormat!!!
Some lovely wildflowers out at the mo, this pea sp is quite common and really brightens the place up.
Butterflies are scarce as it is still very cold, not far off frosty, at night. A Painted Lady called by for a drop of nectar from the plants growing in the track 
 Dragonflies are being to show themselves with three species seen today. This one is very similar to the European Common Darter.
This one is much smaller not much bigger than the damselflies, shame it landed on the back of the leaf with all the clutter in the background.
Last but not least a couple of birds. First the male Scarlet Robin.
Folled by the ultra blue and perfectly named Splendid Fairy Wren
Our total in the Year List Challenge now stands at 251 with new 55 species added in Australia, also seen Coot and Cormorant but they are the ssame as back in Safari-land.
Where to next? We're still sussing out the best places for all the kit to be placed for the forthcoming Maroo the North Blackpool Pond Trail Bioblitz they say we're gonna get some weather...yuk!
In the meantime let us know if these pics are upside down...they really were taken in the proper outback.
An outback loo with a view


Deano said...

some nice stuff/pics there Dave.

cliff said...

Glad to see they've put some reading material on the wall of the dunny, you can't go to the khazi without summat to read - mindst I think I'd be keeping one eye out for them flesh stripping ants - how big are they??

A fine selection of photos there Dave, with my pick being the splendid Splendid Fairy Wren.

One of your Peregrins was sheltering from the wind earlier today.