Sunday, 30 September 2012

Some views from the SW

The Safari has spent a very wet n windy Sunday working through the couple of thousand pics we took while away Down Under.
Perhaps we should have been braver and gone out to the coast as there were a few Leach's Petrels seen up the coast this morning.
At the Blowholes near Albany
If you can read the sign you're far too close.
 Blowholes coastal scenery looking north
and south.
Somehow we left the camera in the car when we visited the Gap, a crack in the Earth's crust which was formed when Australia separated from Gondwanaland just about 200 million years ago. Only a few hundred yards away is an impressive natural rock bridge.

Misery Beach - surely wrongly named, great variety of shells and rockpool life here but too cold for swimming
 But by eck it's a Dangerous Coast...warning signs were everywhere

 The Dog Rock, Albany...remind you of anyone's dog?
Albany harbour views

Panorama of Lake Muir from the Observation Platform only a few miles down the road from Maroo...where's the water? About a mile away! A cold early morning drive in Ernie the aging Suzuki 4x4 gave us an unusual sighting for this area - at least three Red Deer.

Where to next? More antipodean adventures tomorrow if we survive going back to work...plenty of wildlife to come too.
In the meantime let us know what the scenery is like in your outback.

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cliff said...

Only 2000 pics Dave, did your vamera break after a few days or summat ;-)

Some terrific scenery there - & sunshine too!!