Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A somewhat mixed day

The Safari didn't have much to put on Birdtrack this morning. The tide was on the turn but still well up the wall and spray was sloshing over pushed by the stiff breeze. A Great Black Backed Gull rode out the waves while about 150 Common Scoters were scattered all over from close in to far out.
A slim neck was followed by another and in the end patient concentration gave us seven Great Crested Grebes sat 'together' in one loose flock.
In the near distance a Common Gull breezed past and further out three Herring Gulls went south. Not a particularly inspiring session.
Lunchtime was harder! The tide was now well out but several people on the beach prevented any birds from settling there. We had a few scans for the flock of Great Crested Grebes but could only find two of them. While looking at one wondering if a third was close by a Harbour Porpoise rolled right in front of on! Try as we might we never saw it again.
A Red Throated Diver flew out to sea from the estuary mouth. Three small spots coming towards us from the north parallel with the shore about a mile out looked interesting, skimming the waves but not bouncy like pipits or finches...they turned out to be Starlings. What were they doing out there and where were they going/come from to be that far out?
We went home down the Prom again, there were a few hundred Starlings at Central Pier but none at North Pier although as we passed several sizeable flocks were coming down the side street at roof top level towards the pier. We were passing at about the same time as the other day but it was a bit brighter so the birds may have been a bit later.
Back at Base Camp we checked the Stealth-cam, plenty of cats but no sign of the Fox.
Our pre-tea walk with Frank gave us the Peregrine slweeping on the tower again.
Where to next? Another eager class tomorrow afternoon - wonder what they're going to find. Might be a bit windy for them.
In the meantime let us know who was in a more unusual place than normal in your outback.
Sorry no chance of any pics today.

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