Thursday, 5 June 2014

Short n sweet today

The Safari had a short Patch 2 watch today in somewhat wintery conditions, cold wet and windy! not many birds about but was a bit weird...a Common Scoter (wintery), a Red Throated Diver (wintery, a Gannet (summery) and a Fulmar (P2 #59) (don't see many of these at all and it wasn't really that windy!).
Here's a few from the weekend
Snail Killing Fly
Probably Berberis Sawfly
A Barkfly - miniscule
Halictus ridibundus - female
Epinotia bilunana - new for garden
Tachysola acroxantha - new for garden
A cold and wet session pond dipping and mini-beast safari-ing with the Brownies didn't produce much of any excitement - indeed didn't produce much at all, too cold!
Where to next? More from Patch 2 tomorrow and a nice surprise on the way back to Base Camp.
In the meantime let us how many seasons were in your outback today.

PS those pesky bees are drinking over 100ml of golden syrup a DAY!!!

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