Saturday, 21 June 2014

Funny sort of a day

The Safari was woken early by Frank as usual but when we took him out it was very windy and the wind had a bit of chill about it, far from cold but certainly not balmy like it has been. Once he'd had his brekkie it was time to check the moth trap. You guessed it it was fairly empty. Only eight moths and half of those where Heart & Darts and a quarter were a new species for the year Dark Arches with another Clouded Border and a largish micro we needed help with.
 The micro turned out to new for the garden, Epiblema rosaecolana.
Not the world's best pic!
The female House Sparrow was seen briefly on the mealworm feeder but a gang of Starlings appeared and flushed it before we could grab the camera.
Not a lot else happened all day, the sun was warm but the wind was a right royal pain. A couple of Speckled Woods came through as did a Small Tortoiseshell.
Best finfd of the day was while we were having a brew outside when a Ruby Tailed Wasp landed right next to us, one our fave creatures. It flew off after a second or two but careful watching of the sun drenched garage wall had us relocate it again...jsut knew it would turn up there.
What a beauty!
While watching the Ruby Tail we spotted the solitary bee sneaking into the hole in the neighbourr's gate post again, might have to stake that one out.
Another walk with Frank gave us our first 2-spot Ladybird of the year. We wouldn't have seen it had we not stopped to look at a small solitary bee working away on a Hebe bush, tiny it was only about 3mm long.
Another dodgy pic - dunno what was up with us today
The return walk had us looking up at the tower to see a bird sat on the Peregrine's ledge but it didn't look very Peregriny, yesterday it was a Woodpigeon but this one looked a bit Kestrely wwhich would have been the first seen round these parts this year. By the time we'd got speed of the wind Frank back to Base Camp and grabbed the scope the bird had flown.
Last night had us watching a different kind of wasp, this one was collecting wood for a nest somewhere - oooh errr where???
Where to next? Mothy is out again and then we have a bit of a family day.
In the meantime let us know if the faves came out to play in your outback.

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