Monday, 27 October 2014

Couldn't make it four in a row

The Safari wasn't able to get onto Patch 2 until lunchtime. A grey sort of a day with a bit of a wind but nothing excessive apart from the temperature which was well above the seasonal norm. The tide was high and the larger waves were slopping foam ridden spray over the wall. Fair enough we thought we'll give it a go and we're glad we did. As soon as we looked down the scope there was a Little Gull flitting through the troughs and then four more - that'll do nicely!!!
Then the worst thing happened, when we're on limited time the last thing we want (without wanting to appear rude) is someone coming up to chat about nothing much in particular usual with an opening gambit something gormless like "av yer seen any of them there sea-lions?" Not so today the gentleman was reasonably knowledgeable and asking about the best lightweight scopes for his budget but still stopped us having a proper look at what might have been out there. 
However, if he hadn't stopped to chat we would more than likely missed the Kestrel (P2 #77 - getting closer to our target of 90) that flew along the promenade 'behind' us. Well that one took it's time to appear on the list and we're still waiting for Peregrine and Sparrowhawk to make it onto the list.
Not a sniff of a chance of a pic today.
Had a chat to our Extreme Photographer this evening and learned that he wasn't able to get out unfortunately - so no pics for you this week. Click the Pembrokeshire Birds link on the right to keep up to date with hat's been seen down his way.
Have you all seen this symbol?  Copy it and post it all around the place - legally of course/

Let's hope our favourite swan isn't headed down that route - 33% fewer in just 20 years isn't good!  
Where to next? Should be able to get an early morning look in tomorrow and a lunchtime look too with a bit of luck.
In the meantime let us know what nearly got away with sneaking round the back in your outback

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