Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sounds from the sky

The Safari has been plagued by work this week and had only very few opportunities for getting away from the desk to do any wildlifing.
The other day a quick lunchtime look at Patch 2 gave us a skein of seven Pink Footed Geese (P2 #75) going south, at last they are on the patch list - was beginning to think the worst.
Today was a marginally better day in that as soon as we opened the front door to leave for work we heard the unmistakable tseeep of Redwings (174, Garden 44 (one short of our garden target)). Looking up we saw four going over the roof of the house, there could have been a few more we missed by not coming out a seconds earlier. At work the Land Rover door was opened in car park and in the gloom of a dreary dawn we heard a Wren, only the second of the year here.
Another brief look at the sea at lunchtime was quite productive. Two Whooper Swans (P3 #76) were well out resting on the sea, closer in there were numerous auks diving for fish the only two close enough to identify were both Guillemots. A couple of Red Throated Divers were out there too, the star was a Grey Seal making mince meat of a large flatfish the cast off shreds attracting several gulls. Not a bad day by recent standards.
In other news we've been involved in an exciting project we've not been at liberty to tell you about. The time for it to come to fruition is drawing close and we were starting on tenterhooks. However devastating news came in yesterday that we won't be making an appearance on the project after all - it will be aired on BBC 2 early in the new year. Must have a better face for radio than TV.
Hands hurting like hell today with a ll the typing at work so not gonna make them even worse woffling on on here so we'll sign off for now. No chance of any pics either - it's not good!
Where to next? Weather looks to be interesting for the next few days so hopefully something new will be in the works garden in the morning - Ring Ouzel please! Or a Yellow Browed Warbler or is that being greedy?
In the meantime let us know what's been migrating through your outback today.

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