Sunday, 8 March 2015

Messing about with the macro and more mini mosses

The Safari didn't get out today, the rain was quite heavy this morning and Frank was happy just lying on his bed looking out of the window.
By the time the rain stopped we really didn't have the heart to load him up into the Land Rover and cart him off somewhere so we just had a few looks around the garden. 
There were no obvious Frogs in the pond and no fresh blobs of spawn although last night we saw three in there.
Our attention turned to the moss growing in the crack in the paving we photo'd last week.
This orange thing was moving around slowly and has it laid eggs?
We thought it might be a Tardigrade but now we're not so sure.
We went back a little later for another look at it but this time it hadn't moved a muscle - if it has any. There was something else moving around in the droplet from time to time - any clues anyone, is it just something being moved around by convection within the drop?
The water droplet is quite a bit smaller than a pinhead.
This money spider is rather larger at about 3mm long.

In other news we saw the first Bumblebee at Base Camp this arvo but we've no idea which species it was.
Where to next? Back to a Patch 2 tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who's the smallest in your outback.


Findlay Wilde said...

That's an amazing capture. I will have to look a bit closer at water droplets from now on.

Warren Baker said...

Like that spider Davyman - not a clue whats on that water droplet though mate!