Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Short of time

The Safari hasn't been able to get out much, the weather and poorly colleagues have conspired against us.     
Yesterday we had a quick look at the incoming tide, not much doing but there were 31 Turnstones working their way along the seaweed clad seawall to their favoured roosting point close to the big rocks on the 'point'.
Perhaps more interesting were the incoming waves, some bounced off the wall on the rising tide and met new ones coming in with an impressive swish, somewhat reminiscent of those impressively speedy Cuban Bonefish that race through the shallows after their prey ripping up a bow-wave as they go. You can see them speeding from right to left with a crazy crest.
 On the way back to Base Camp we stopped at the go-kart track hoping for a glimpse of the Purple Sandpipers in the wader roost. There were about 50 or more Redshanks but only a handful of Turnstones and no sign of anything more unusual. 
At Base Camp we saw we needed to fill the feeders which meant going outside and past the pond. There were had a pleasant surprise, there was a blob of Frog spawn slap bang in the middle.
Checking our records we noticed that it appeared on the same day as last year, but not the same date as you have to allow for the fact that this year is a leap year. 
Today a cold wind blew and the sea was very choppy. We only got out for a few minutes at lunchtime but long enough to watch a nice flock of about 30 Kittiwakes go north hugging the waves not too far out to sea. We see plenty of Kittiwakes but rarely in tight flocks like this though, great to see.
Once again we looked through the kitchen window to check the feeders and once again we had to go and top them up, the colder weather has made them hungry! 
And once again we looked into the pond to see more Frog spawn had been laid over night - good news indeed, let's hope the fish don't eat it, they probably will it seems to be their first meal of the year.
So limited opportunities for wildlife but there's always something to be seen if you look hard enough or are just plain lucky!
Where to next? We'll be out somewhere tomorrow, weather permitting and will there be even more spawn in the pond when we get back to Base Camp?  
In the meantime let us know who's arrived in bigger numbers than usual in your outback


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