Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sparrows, Sparrows, wherefore art thou Sparrows?

The Safari hasn't heard the House Sparrows for a couple of mornings now and we're getting worried they might have deserted us.
They have been hanging out in the trees and probably in the evergreen Privet bush of the garden opposite when we've only heard but not seen them.

We've hung a feeder up from our front gate pergola, cunningly positioned to the sidde so we don't bang our head on it when coming and going but the level of seeds hasn't changed so they, nor any other species, aren't coming while we're at work.
How long do we keep it up there for? It;s going to be a cold wet weekend so the seeds might start germinating which wouldn't be good. We might have to move it to the back garden where we're sure the Wood Pigeons if nothing else will take advantage of it if they can reach it. All rather disappointing so far, but you never know tomorrow is another day and there might be a flock of House Sparrows jockeying for position on it in the morning...fingers crossed!
Heavy rain, low dreek cloud and covering lunch for a colleague meant no chance of having a look at Patch 2 today, there could have been some grounded migrants about too as the rain started not long after dawn.
Where to next? It's a long Bank Holiday weekend but the weather forecast isn't that promising...typical Bank Holiday weather in fact! We've got a couple of plans one or more of which might pay off, and a kiddies event to run provided the little darlings don't might a soaking.
In the meantime let us know who's not turned up for their dinner in your outback

Don't forget to sign and share with your family and friends the government epetition to have driven grouse shooting banned, it's a fraction away from the first milestone of 10,000 signatures already so a response from the minister is imminent - lets hope it's got a bit more substance and is less wishy-washy fobby-offy than the previous two responses.

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cliff said...

Dave - whilst the Sparrows in our garden do feed on mixed seed they favour suet blocks or fat balls - might be worth a go?