Wednesday, 6 April 2016

News from down the far west of Wales

The Safari dropped the car off at the repair shop to the sound of a Wren singing in what at first appeared to be in what appeared to be a bit of an incongruous area; a a densely packed industrial area, but a look on Google Earth showed the neighbouring houses to have reasonably sized mature gardens with trees and shrubs. If there's some habitat then wildlife will find and use it. All we have to do is make sure that those habitats are as good as they can be to bring in as diverse a range of species as possible.
The few brief looks we had across the work's garden through the morning didn't provide the wished for Ring Ouzel, the showers weren't as frequent as forecast and so there was far more disturbance in the way of dog walkers and far less opportunity for one to be dropped out of the sky by the rain.The wind was strong and wrong, coming straight off the sea.
We got out at lunchtime by which time the tide had dropped enough to stop most of the sea-foam flying over the wall, so no soaking for us which was good. However, there wasn't much out there. A few Gannets went south and two flocks of six and nine Kittiwakes went north but no sign of any of the hoped for Manx Shearwaters yet.
No photos again today so it's a good job we've had some news from our Extreme Photographer down in south west Wales. Not the confirming news we'd hoped for but good all the same. He's had two new species of birds in his garden this week, Siskins and Lesser Redpolls and he's been able to fire off a few shots of them for you.
This and above taken through his dirty kitchen window
Sadly he reports that one of the local farmers has just ripped up a large area of scrub in which he fairly regular saw one of the few Willow Tits left in Pembrokeshire...Nighhtmare, lets hope they weren't dependent on that area.
Where to next? More wishful thinking on Patch 2 probably.
In the meantime let us know who's not dropping in in your outback.

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cliff said...

Some stunners there from The Extreme, the Nuthatch is absolutely spot on. The only bird out of that batch I've seen in our garden lately is the Chaffinch :(