Friday, 22 April 2016

On pond duty today

The Safari was out on Patch 2 as usual this morning. Not a great deal to report, a pair of Eiders and half a dozen Sandwich Terns roosting on the buoy and twice that many flying around here and there was about the sum of it until four Red Breasted Mergansers can by and then perhaps even more odd was a single drake Shoveler, where'd he come from.
At lunchtime we had another look this time seeing a huge flock of Knot wheeling around the outer estuary not in the typical tight formations but more of a loose aggregation. The sea held three bottling Grey Seals but no cetaceans today. 
After work we had a look at the pond down at the back of the allotments.
It was easier to get in than we expected, the Brambles haven't grown that much yet but there is a new fence and gate which fortunately wasn't locked. A quick scout round didn't give us any Frogs, Toads or tadpoles.
A fluke spot was a diving newt so we looked harder and found another but we were not able to identify either of them but they were probably both Smooth Newts
By the little island we flushed a largish insect which we think may well have been a teneral Large Red Damselfly but we didn't get a good enough look at it before it vanished between the Typha stems.
Also hidden unseen at the bottom of the stems a Moorhen darted off its nest leaving two chicks and at least two still unhatched eggs behind.
All the while we were there a Blackbird kept a beady eye on what we were up to.
There were no sign of any snakes nor Water Voles, we thought we might have seen some feeding lawns or latrines. We think we'll have to go back next week and have another check.
Where to next? At work tomorrow morning but we'll hit the nature reserve just after lunchtime.
In the meantime let us know who's keeping a beady eye on who in your outback.

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