Thursday, 4 August 2016

A little bit of dipping

The Safari has been a bit busy of late and not had a lot of time to get out n about. When we have been out we haven't seen owt. Worst of all a holy Grail bird went past the office window unseen yesterday when the gang of regular watchers who stand at the shelter to the south of our watch-point only went and had a Storm Petrel. The last one here must have been at least five and maybe as many as ten years ago. We just knew yesterday's blowy weather was going to produce something but we didn't have enough time to watch properly.
In the affternoon we ran a family bug hunt but the cold wind and drizzle turning to rain didn't help. One little girl did successfully catch a Speckled Wood butterfly in her fishing net. we saw several of these but little else other than slugs and a rather stout ground beetle under the ancient pieces of Bog Oak.
Last night we were chatting to our Extreme Photographer on the phone outside so as not to disturb Wifey's TV viewing, when an Oystercatcher (Garden #28) was heard flying over. Despite being so numerous on the coast only a mile away and frequenting playing fields in other areas of town they seem to give us a miss which is strange seeing as how there's a huge school playing field only a hundred yards away. The last one we had over the garden was in 2014 and prior to that 2012 and 2011; so far from an annual occurence.
This morning the wind had dropped a bit but there was nothing of note out to sea. In the afternoon we had another family event this time pond dipping at work. Here's a selection of what the youngsters found
3-Spined Sticklebacks - there's far too many of them in the pond
Stickleback and Wandering Snail
Greater Pond Snail
Water Boatman
All great fun for an hour or so.
Where to next? More Patch 2 stuff tomorrow if we get a chance away from front desk duty we've been 'volunteered' for.
In the meantime let us know who's dipping for what in your outback.

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