Sunday, 16 October 2016

New arrivals

The Safari has been a bit occupied these last few days. Most of our time has been spent wiping the floor with a wet cloth! The little chap has a lot of learning to do and how can such a small animal hold so much pee???
We've been having fun though, he's already leaned his name, Monty and is beginning to get the hang of recall already which is impressive for such a young puppy, we just hope he keeps it up and gets really good at it. It came in very useful at tea-time today when we lost him, you only have to take your eye off him for a couple of seconds and he can be gone! He'd managed to sneak into the front room through the barrier we'd put up and where he's not allowed, luckily he came running from places unknown when called - phew we thought he might have got out under the back gate and out into the big wide world where he's not safe until he's had his next vaccination jab.
Day 1
Day 5

We were trying very unsuccessfully to get some video of him playing ball for the first time this arvo when a few Redwings (Garden #29) looked like they were thinking about dropping into our Crab Apple tree which is covered in succulent bright red berries.
As dusk fell wee went to put some recycling in the bin and saw the small murmuration, about 30 odd) of Starlings was happening again just up the hill from us, wonder if it'll build up into any more than just the local birds. Other small flocks were passing overhead aiming to the traditional North Pier roost.
Where to next? There's a Black Browed Albatross wandering the Irish Sea now that would be something to find on Patch 2 tomorrow morning.  
In the meantime let us know who's turned your outback upside down.

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Heather Wilde said...

Can't wait to meet Monty (and see you and Grace again of course) :)