Saturday, 29 October 2016

What a squaccing good show

The Safari was chatting to our Extreme Photographer the other night. He was telling us that a Squacco Heron had been found wandering around a private garden not far from his work. Limited access had been arranged by members of the local bird club so off he went. Apparently it was frequenting a large garden pond in a large garden that backed on to the estuary on to which it disappeared for parts of the day.
However he struck lucky and the bird was there when he arrived although he did say that the home-owner was very chatty which put him off getting some better/action shots of the bird. We don't think he did too badly though...
What a garden tick for someone! A bird we've only seen once in Britain long ago in the mid 90s after a mad after work dash across the Pennines to East Yorkshire arriving to see it go to roost just as the light was fading - a great twitch in the old Lada estate.
Back at our Extreme Photographers Base Camp tucked away in the deep depths of the Pembrokeshire countryside he has a Buzzard which often visits his garden on the look out for the Rats that are attracted to the spilled seeds under his bird feeders. He tells us that it is very very wary and extremely hard to approach.
Not at all wary and extremely approachable, actually it approaches him rather than the other way round is his young tame Fox which we think could be curled up on his sofa come Christmas!
Continuing the canine theme and just as cute our little Monty is 10 weeks old today and running us ragged. His sharp puppy teeth are ripping the backs' of our hands to shreds while he is playing...aka fighting - he plays rough!
When he's not playing rough he looks as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth - don't be fooled!

That can't be comfy!
He gets his second inoculation on Monday so will be out n about starting his birding list in the big bad world the following week.
Where to next? More motorway birding tomorrow as it's another day of hospital visiting.
In the meantime let us know who turned up at your garden pond from far away places.

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cliff said...

Crikey, great shots of the heron, buzzard & fox - think I need to move to Wales.

Look forward to meeting the puppy when you can take him out'n'about.