'Burston Blues' silicon teats for infant animals

Here is information regarding our product line of Burston Blue Silicone Teats.
Proceeds go to running and maintaining the Refuge. 
Our Teats are made from food grade silicone and have a very unique blue colouring.
After an extreme amount of research and trials we have found a product that meets our requirements and is safe to use for us and our Wildlife.
Please enjoy reading all about our Product.
Orders can be placed by sending us an email at dollar.downs@bigpond.com  and we will send to you details of our available range, prices and shipping rates.

Please note-  we can ship to anywhere in the world...email us with your requirements, particularly the size of the animal so we can match the best product for your animal's needs.

Various shapes are available........
Mini Syringe Teats- to suit Tiny Pinkies, Bandicoot, Wallaby and Numbats

 New 20ml Syringe Teat

#1 Large Pinkies Kangaroo and Wallaby
#2 Kangaroo over 1.5kg and Larger Wallaby
#3 Kangaroo 3kg to 5kg
#4 Kangaroo 5kg to 10kg
#5 Kangaroo 10kg to weaning

A  Flying Fox's less than 10 days
B  Flying Fox's to weaning

 C  Unfurred Possum, Bandicoots, Entechinus and Small Mammals

E  Small Koalas and Wombats
F  Larger Koalas and Wombats

“Burston Blues” are Non Toxic and are handmade by us at Maroo Wildlife Refuge.
Unlike latex our Blues retain their shape and Feel.  Why have we made these Teats? - Well we wanted a Teat that felt closer to the mother’s natural teat. 
The colour may have you a bit worried but we trialled over 50 teats and not one kangaroo or other animal has rejected them.  All teats are hand-made so some variation will occur but will not affect the quality. Also some changes do take place as we are always on the go to make our products better.  
Putting the hole in:
-Use a long wooden skewer or matchstick, depending on your teat size, to support the inside of the Teat. Now use a Pin or large needle, depending on how much flow you require, to pierce the end of the teat. Cutting with Scissors is not recommended as you will end up with too large a hole.
-Don’t be scared to boil them. This does not affect their shape or the material.
-Soak in Milton’s solution if you wish.
Now leave to dry. There is no need to leave them in the Freezer. 
We recommend that the Teat is "Rolled off the Bottle" with the Flat of your thumb. Pulling the Teat from the shaft can result in it breaking.  The Teat will last much longer than Latex if care is taken. 
Photos of some of our Happy Customers:

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