What a Monster Week! - our e-book available on Kindle

A few years ago whilst recuperating from (yet another) operation the Safari wrote a children's book. One of colleagues at the time, accomplished artist James McLean, was kind enough to provide the outstanding illustrations.

After passing the story round a large number of publishers without success we are now able to present it to you in all it's glory as an e-book for Kindle.

“The magic of nature is all around us.

We just need to learn how to see it.”

On a dark quiet night at the start of the summer holidays a mysterious monster heaved himself out of the sparkling lake for a spot of moonbathing and a chat with the local ducks.

Fast asleep in a house not too far away were a brother and sister who had passionate love for wildlife.

Before long the three would meet and together would enjoy an adventure that would make this summer holiday the most memorable ever!

Please download to your Kindle from Amazon  here

A proportion of the proceeds of any sales will be used for conservation projects at Maroo Wildlife Refuge, Western Australia as this is where we got much of our inspiration to start writing from.

We hope it will inspire the readers to look more closely at their immediate environment and encourage them to learn more about the wonderful plants and animals they share their local area with; be that in the countryside, the suburbs or even the inner city centres.

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