Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Autumn glory

Just had to share this superb Blackpool sunset from the other day with you all . It isn't often we get a perfect cloudless sky with the right atmospheric conditions that produces colours like this. The pictures are straight off the camera - no photoshop, no nothing - just nature in the raw.

The bird, a Black Headed Gull - which incidentally never has a black head, it's chocolate brown, and at this time of year is nothing more than a 'black' spot on the side of the head - would have made a better photo if it was flying in to rather than out of the picture; but that's possibly being a bit pedantic as I never even saw it in the viewfinder - smack on the artist's 'rule of thirds' - total fluke!!!

There was a Grey Seal about 200 yards offshore this afternoon. Anyone not following BBC's Autumn Watch can catch up with breeding Grey Seals on their website (see links on right). They don't breed along the Fylde coast so our chap today may well be a none breeder. (I'm not sure if they breed on Walney Island across the bay, anyone know the answer to this?)

Autumn is also the time for mushrooms and fungi. These are all growing in the raised flower beds at work quietly decomposing the woodchip we use as a mulch to retain moisture and keep the weeds down. I've no idea what any of them are I just like 'em.

The holes in this large white one were made by tiny black slugs.

This brown one is being ''eaten alive' by a blob of white mould - a fungus eating a fungus.

Where to next? The chance would be a fine thing but with the recent light north easterly winds set to continue the sea is flat calm and this gives the perfect opportunity to look for Porpoises if time allows during the day. Fingers crossed, I've not seen them since early September.
In the meantime let us know what you have seen in your 'outback'.

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