Monday, 17 November 2008

Bingo - We hit the jackpot!

A dull, cold, drizzly day. Waterproofs on and the safari set off from Base Camp with a shed load of hope.

No sign of the Long Eared Owls in their normal bushes. We moved on and checked out some of their hang outs from last year. Still no sign. Then at the last chance saloon....Got one....Yippee!

Not just one. We knew there had been two seen from time to time but a thorough check of the bush revealed FOUR! Top count of the winter so far.

A brief look at the water had six Whooper Swans leaving the reserve replaced a few minutes later by 63 Wigeon whiffling in from up high. Their 'wheeooo' whistles are one of the sweetest sounds of the winter. In the bushes behind the hide there was a large flock of Long Tailed Tits, well over a dozen and a crackin' little Goldcrest in with them.

Back to Base Camp for a well earned cup of tea.

Where to next? There's Waxwings about...nice little birds, always worth a look.

In the meantime let us know what you have found in your outback.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever linked some of your bird posts to:

It's fun seeing different birds from around the world. There are even some Australian submissions.

Enjoy Your Nature.