Thursday, 27 November 2008

It's not only (Grey) Herons that are called 'Frraaannnk'

The safari gave up the opportunity to have a good look at Preston's Waxwings yesterday. But look what we got instead!
He's a chocolate slobrador...he's traumatised the cat...he's eaten her dinner...he's HUGE...he's Frank!
We think we know how he came to get that name - something to do with boxing.
His safari dutis will to use that finely honed nose to sniff out the best wildlife sites Lancashire and Lakeland have to offer...except of course those reserves where dogs are rightly not permitted.

Where to next? Where-ever Frank drags us. Actually that's unfair because he doesn't pull on his lead and is extremely well trained - a credit to his previous owners. A cracking rescue dog, I just hope we don't spoil his good manners.


babooshka said...

Can I have Frank please, but don't tell Gary.

Robert Williamson said...

The 183 is my life list.Love the Choc Lab got one myself called Libby. From Robert