Monday, 9 February 2009

A desolate beach

Just a quick note from yesterday's safari down on the beach. There are big tides this week so big high tides = low low tides and a long walk out to the surf. Plan was to try to get some shots of the waders feeding in the runnels by getting between them and the sea with the afternoon light behind me. It would have worked had there been any waders on that part of the beach. Heavy snow showers didn't help much either.
I managed to flush the Herring Gull. It had a friend and they were perched together on a large rock sticking out of the sand all lovey-dovey but I had to get that one step closer...
The Sanderling were nice. I always think they are an under-rated bird, understated in winter and stunning in summer. There were about 30 of them scampering along the surf-line but really difficult to got a shot off, they're so quick, those little legs really twinkle, I ended up lying on a pool of cold water behind the rock the Herring Gulls were on. I was well waterproofed, thankfully.
The sea produced the goods today...on the south side of the river a Harbour Porpoise and a ack load of seabirds including a Black Necked Grebe - on 'our' side plenty of Little Gulls over the tide. Hearing the news the safari dashed out at lunchtime and got on a tasty first winter bird. Always nice to see these smallest of all the gulls. A Grey Seal bobbed about in the middle distance. But the best was still to come...three male Eiders flew by, nice...then oh boy a special sighting - a one off - three dark bellied Brent Geese...WOW we don't get these down on the Ribble all that often at all.
Where to next? It's got to be back to the seaside, there's still cetaceans out there!
In the meantime let us know what goodies you've found in your outback.

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