Thursday, 12 February 2009

Oh deer!

The safari had a forced trip out of town for a meeting this morning necessitating a trip down the motorway. Half way down the motorway is a field which regularly holds a small herd of Roe Deer. This morning didn't disappoint - there were three - brilliant - grazing away quietly only a few yards from the racing morning traffic. Need to work out how to get there for an early morning stake out with the camera without causing a major pile-up disaster on the motorway.

On the way back the safari called in for a very brief visit at Marton Mere. The Environment Agency were on site with a digger making a channel along the edge of the reedbeds for Bitterns to feed along. As the digger dropped the contents of the bucket a pair of Stonechats immediately hopped out off their reedy perches and into the slop on the hunt for grubs. They had a friend, a Grey Heron; it was following the digger just out of range of the bucket hoping that a Frog or Eel might just be dug up.

Where to next? Who knows what's going to be where in the next few days...if the gods are smiling that White Tailed Sea Eagle in southern Scotland will make a move a little further south.

In the meantime let us know if there are any 'barn doors' in your outback.

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