Monday, 2 February 2009

Oh - its a beaut!

Gotcha! Many thanks to the Rangers for the news he was back in the park. What a handsome brute, massive compared to the neighbouring Black Headed Gulls - could probably swallow one whole.
Shame it was sat right in the sun but whose bothered - Fylde tick in the bag.

This Mediterranean Gull was perched on the rail a few feet away; what a shame they weren't sat together the juxtaposition of north and south would have been interesting.

Great looking birds, well it will be in a few weeks when it attains its full summer plumage - stunning, best bird in the book. Not sure where it was ringed, possibly Holland or perhaps the Czech Republic. Could be anywhere really.

The safari also learnt later that there were 3, or more, Harbour Porpoises off the Prom in the afternoon. What a pity the lure of the desk was so strong today, it would have been nice to be out watching cetaceans and seabirds in the snow storms. Work really should be banned!

Where to next? The conditions are perfect for cetaceans - off shore winds keep the waves down and the thick grey cloud keeps shadows at bay.

Let us know what the best tick in your outback has been recently.
A note to my visitor from Kota Kinabalu - I wish I could get back there...totally brilliant time we had.

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NW Nature Nut said...

Glad you are joining us for the Great Bird Count of February. Good luck!