Tuesday, 3 March 2009

News from Woylie-land

Here's a snippet from the project I had a very, very small part in a couple of years ago. Those poor Woylies having blood taken from their tails in the name of science!
Hope the guys down under find out what it is with the population crash and can find a solution before it's too late.
I had a thought earlier today that they could undergo population cycles of boom and bust like Lemmings or Voles but on a much longer timescale so it hasn't really been noticed before. Perhaps linked to some kind of disease. And now with habitat loss, population fragmentation and introduced feral predators the odds are stacked against the little cuties.
Fingers crossed they're gonna be OK - would hate read we lost them forever in a few years time.
Where to next? Weather unpromising tomorrow so probably only a quick safari to check out the sea.
In the meantime let us know who is doing what to save the enangered wildlife in your outback.

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